Understand Why Gym King Are Where They Are Today

Gym King have never been as big as where they find themselves at this present moment in time. They are absolutely everywhere on the British high street right now and dominating online sales for a number of retailers in the UK. I don’t know about you but I personally can’t walk into the centre of Newcastle without running into a number of lads sporting this now iconic brand.
Since the brand launched back in 2014 the gym wear brand has grown at a rapid pace and today I will give you my opinion as to why this is.
From the start as the name clearly states, the brand was created for males who regularly attended the gym, fitness fanatics. The core collection they started with was a number of stringer vests that came in a variety of colours and back then in 2014 this is really when the fitness hype started to become fashionable, meaning the co-founders of Gym King got the timing of launching the brand spot on.
Since then though the reason why I believe the brand has grown so much in such a short space of time, remember just 2 years ago, is down to credible dedication of the founders and excellent decision making on their behalf.
With Gym King starting as a fitness, lifestyle brand one of the key aspects to get right was to make it desirable to a number of audiences. Rather than just catering for the avid gym goer. They opened up the brand to a much larger audience by bringing in tracksuits and t-shirts to their range, therefore rather than catering for just you bulked up alpha male’s out there who love a stringer vest and pumping iron they made much more desirable pieces to us normal lads giving them a staggering increase in growth and brand awareness.
Today Gym King are providing us with short and long sleeve t-shirts, lightweight and puffa jackets, tracksuits, shirts, headwear they have a huge collection available and all for sale here at SEEK Attire.
To give you an understanding of where Gym King find themselves today here is a quick video to show you the level’s they are setting.

As shown in the video they have a familiar face modelling for them, ITV Love Island’s runner up Alex Bowen who matched up with Olivia Buckland on the show. Alex’s publicity rocketed due to his epic entrance into the house. Going back to what I said earlier the founders of Gym King sponsored Alex well before the show even started so they recruited exceptionally well with this guy, the brand was clearly visible during and now definitely after the show had finished.

gym king poly tracksuit top navy

Gym King Lightweight Bomber Jacket Khaki

Gym King didn’t just have Alex Bowen though, they also had Alex Cannon, who is ex to original Geordie Shore star and queen of the jungle Vicky Pattison. Having this guy sponsored didn’t half help them either, especially when he also hit the spotlight with Channel 4’s Big Brother.

Gym King Poly Tracksuit Cordovan

gym king pullover distressed hoodie olive

Gym King Retro Nomad TShirt

With Gym King now bringing out new styles every other week this fast fashion lifestyle brand is one of the leading male labels at the moment in the male fashion industry. The fitting, the style, the image suits the modern day man perfectly.
I personally can’t wait to see what styles they will be releasing in the future.
Gym King Camo Slate TShirt
Gym King Distressed TShirt
Gym King Headwear

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