The Gymshark Conditioning App | The New Fitness App You Must Download

Gymshark is the UK’s fastest growing fitness fashion brand and continues to elevate its status by releasing a brand-new fitness app which has been developed and engineered to help you train more efficiently.

The app was released on August 27th 2019 for IOS with Android soon to follow with a date yet to be confirmed. The Gymshark conditioning app has already hit the top download charts after just a few days of being made available which is pretty impressive to say the least but not so surprising knowing the popularity of the brand. There is a FREE or Premium service available on the app and all details are listed below of what each service will provide.

When you open the app for the first time Gymshark will prompt you to either log in with your existing Gymshark account details or register for a new account. You’ll then be asked to answer a few questions, such as gender, birthday and whether you prefer to track your weights in KG or LBS. All of these refined details help Gymshark tailor your experience on the Gymshark conditioning app to your needs.

The app has been built to provide yourself with the guidance and motivation needed to reach all of your PBs, no matter how big or small. If your brand new into fitness and not too sure as to what you should be doing to help your performance or even where to start, then this is where the app is of great value to you. At a cost of £0 Gymshark will help introduce you into fitness workouts and routines used by their very own Gymshark athletes. For some it can be extremely hard not to walk into a Gym and feel intimidated in some way or another or feel a rather out of place, that can now all be avoided with your very own personal trainer in the palm of your hand.

When you need a training routine that suits your goals, your fitness level and lifestyle, put yourself in charge: your exercises, your sets, your reps. The custom workout feature is designed to be flexible with you.

Customise your very own training plan, and then focus on putting in the work.

How to use:

Within the Gymshark app there are 3 simple steps.

  1. “Create a plan” – This is where you can essentially set your goals that you wish to achieve whether this be build muscle, increase strength or develop speed and agility.
  2. “Add workout” – Here is where you build your workouts that contribute towards your goal for example functional, push or HIIT.
  3. “Add Exercises” – This is where you get specific and choose which exercises you will include within your workout.

From this point onwards simply add in the weight and reps you complete for each set, aiming to always beat your previous before hitting “Complete Set”. Once you have completed your entire workout simply select “Finish Workout”” to ensure that all of your hard work is saved.

How To Track Your Progress

Making progress is a challenge, however tracking progress doesn’t have to be. Gymshark put your entire workout history in one place, this makes it so much easier to track your progress, hit your PBs and unlock your potential. It’s time to set your new goals.

Once you have finished your workout you can view summary of your session and add personal notes. This can be a number of things such as what you would ideally like to focus on next time you’re at the gym or areas you wish to improve on. From this point you can head to the progress tab to view your PBs and compare your latest workouts to monitor your progress every rep of the way.

Follow An Athlete Workout Plan

Gymshark allow you to select an athlete to train you, this is essentially where Gymshark allow you to decide who you want to push you to your limits and help you reach new PBs. The Gymshark athletes are specialists within their field for good reason, listen to them and their expertise and choose the plan that best suits you. This is where the Gymshark fitness app really shines above other alternative apps available. Each plan is made up of a variety of workouts chosen by these athletes so that you can get specific when working towards your goals. Once you start your workout it’s time to put in the work, take on board your athletes key tips and get started with their exercises.

Picking The Right Plan For You

Would you want a Gymshark athlete to structure your workout for you? Alternatively, would you want to take charge of your own training plan? How many days of the week can you train? Are you a heavy lifter or do you love getting functional? These are all valid questions that need to be considered when selecting your workout plan. Whether it’s an exclusive athlete workout plan or your own custom routine, the Gymshark Conditioning App allows you to try something new.

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