The Best & Affordable Men’s Trucker Caps You Will Need In 2019

The trucker cap range available here at SEEK Attire is becoming one of the most sort after styles of clothing in 2019. T-Shirts, Jeans and Hoodies are always going to be topping the list of popular departments but over the past year the trucker caps department is very quickly catching up.  Popularity in headwear for us men has meant that a number of brands that we stock have increased their range and experimented with what is possible in terms of branding and design, what we mean by this is that usually when shopping for trucker caps in the past you find a standard embroidery logo located on the front panel, however as of late 3D embroidery has come into play and even patches with 3D embroidery located on top. The front panel is not even the only area in which brands are personalising as of late either, with many brands side panel embroidery details are being introduced and even branded snapbacks and metal plate buckles. The amount of details that are being introduced into men’s headwear has most definitely had an impact on the popularity of the department as a whole however from the full collection that we have available here at SEEK Attire I can advise you that the mesh trucker cap is the standout, most popular style on the market.

Now with headwear there is two standout manufacturers, these companies being the New Era Cap Company who produce the world-famous New York Yankees Cap and Starter Headwear both experts in their fields. As a result, many of the brands we stock here at SEEK Attire have sourced the help from these giants so that quality items of headwear are produced for their collections. The majority of brands have opted to work with Starter however since the start of the year Fresh Ego Kid made the transition to New Era which has helped elevate the brands status due to them working with one of, if not the most recognisable brand in headwear. New Era for those of you that don’t know is an American headwear company which was founded in the 1920’s, they have over 500 different licenses in its portfolio and since 1993 they have been the exclusive baseball cap supplier for Major League Baseball.

What we have decided to do is create a list of the 9 best and most popular styles available to help you see the kind of variety that is now found within men’s headwear.

1. Nuevo Club Mugello Mesh Trucker Cap

One of the most recent arrivals to SEEK Attire however already a best seller. Remember when I mentioned above about new developments being introduced in designs? Well here is the patch plus 3D embroidery combination I was referring to. There are 4 colour ways available in this particular style however the one I wanted to highlight to you is the Black / Black colour-way. The stealth look makes it so easy to wear as it can be worn with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. Black is a very safe option to choose with headwear, for example should you not have time to do your hair on a morning before leaving for work then throwing this on is a very easy option for you without having to second guess if it compliments your outfit choice.

2. Ace Vestiti Paint Splatter Plated Baseball Cap

Wanting to be bold? Red is making its statement in headwear however it will only go with selected outfits, so you need to consider a number of factors when putting one together. Ace Vestiti have again as the style above opted for the patch plus embroidery style but have gone even further with a number of other additional details including distressed peak, paint splatter, side panel embroidery details and a branded Ace Vestiti logo metal buckle at the back. This style just shows the amount of detail that can be added to a cap these days and for the price can you really grumble?

3. TWINZZ 3D Mesh Trucker Cap

TWINZZ are a brand that specialise in headwear and the 3D mesh trucker cap comes in a variety of colours every season, after all why change something that works? This core cap which has been around for multiple seasons continues to be one of the most popular styles chosen as a result of its simplicity in design. A 3D embroidery is located on the front panel and complimented with mesh panels round the rest of the cap. TWINZZ always add a customized logo snapback fastening element at the back for additional detailing.

4. Ace Vestiti Distressed Peak Baseball Cap

One of the more iconic caps that specialise with distressed peaks today would be the brand Dsquared with the famous ICON embroidery. However why pay all that money when Ace Vestiti offer something just as similar without the price tag? This particular cap showcases a similar logo to the famous bottle “Ace of Spades” giving it a premium appearance. The peak comes with distressed detailing which again as previously mentioned is a rapid growing trend and finished off with a branded Ace Vestiti buckle at the back enabling you to adjust the cap to fit you perfectly.  

5. Fresh Ego Kid x New Era Taped 9Forty Polo Cap

This is a brand-new element of design that was released in the summer by Fresh Ego Kid and possibly only achievable thanks to the move over to New Era. The Fresh Ego Kid logo is so easily recognisable these days especially with the fact that high status footballers support the brand such as Raheem Sterling, Kieran Trippier and Adrian Mariappa just to name a few. The 3D front panel embroidery was not enough for Fresh Ego Kid with this one and a bold contrasting tape element was located on the side of the cap, this is something I have not seen before and believe to be unique to Fresh Ego Kid this season.

6. Nuevo Club Core Trucker Cap

Some men just like to keep it basic and Nuevo Club have catered for this with the core trucker cap. Rather than having 3D embroidery for the entire logo as you would usually see from brands, with this one you find two levels of embroidery. “Nuevo” is 3D embroidery and “Club” is standard embroidery. This is such a simple design but with the different levels of embroidery found on the cap it seems to give off a more premium appearance.  

7. Ace Vestiti Ace Blossom Distressed Trucker Cap

This is detail embroidery at its finest! Ace Vestiti wanted to keep their Ace logo design located on the front panel however enhanced it with a flower blossom design within. The amount of detail found in this pattern is exceptional and very, very impressive to say the least. To keep the premium appearance of the brand a distressed peak detailing was added with the addition of paint splatter marks. Complimented with mesh panelling which is perfect for summer conditions you can see as to why this is flying out of our warehouse.

8. TWINZZ Laurel Mesh Trucker Cap

Again, same as Fresh Ego Kid above TWINZZ this season released a style of headwear that was completely new to me and something that turned out to be extremely popular, this being the branded peak detailing found on the Laurel Mesh Trucker Cap. Brands venturing into new methods of design is producing demand that’s for sure. This new design is complimented with a 3D front panel logo embroidery, mesh panels and branded TWINZZ snapback fastening.

9. Nuevo Club Morton Trucker Cap

Usually with headwear the main focus of design on the front panel is embroidery, just think about the styles you have seen already above, they are ALL embroidery. Well Nuevo Club ventured into print with the Morton Trucker Cap. Print on a cap? Again, this is brand new to me too! Well it’s not all print the Club script logo is 3D embroidery but due to the treble print of Nuevo the Club embroidery is enhanced significantly making it really stand out.

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