Muscle Monkey Made Noise At BodyPower

With the fitness industry booming right now in Sports Wear, Food Nutrition & Body Supplements, Muscle Monkey had decided they could not miss out on attending the worlds biggest fitness expo for the second year running which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham. What is this fitness expo? It’s BodyPower!

BodyPower basically brings fitness fanatics from all around the world to the city of Birmingham. The fitness expo BodyPower brings Clothing Labels, Athletes, Food & Body Supplement companies into one building. This enables individuals to find new fitness clothing brand’s to work out in, nutritional information/body supplement products and of course meeting some of their inspirational idols within the fitness industry.

This is the second year that Muscle Monkey have attended the BodyPower Expo. Last year seen Jordan Jones, the owner of the brand really establish his label as one of the fastest growing clothing brands in the fitness sector. This year he really pushed all boundaries with a brand new stand which received all kinds of attention and a much larger collection of fitness influencers which included the likes of Ross Worswick, Joss Mooney, Sean Pratt, Chet Skett, Rogan O’Connor, James Tilley, Marco Alexandre, Ben Loveday & Ashley Dodds.

For all of you who love fitness, we here at SEEK Attire have the full collection of Muscle Monkey available for you to get your hands on.

Here is a little clip of what happened at the Muscle Monkey stand.

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