How To Wear and Style A Sweatshirt

Men’s Sweatshirts

Now let’s take a second before we get into this in further detail on how you can style your sweatshirts with minimal effort. We will take a step back and assess which colour sweatshirts you must add to your collection, whether your ideal outfit is plain, or you want to add bold designs, these particular sweatshirts are an absolute must have. No matter how obvious these particular colour ways may seem, here are the fundamental basic sweatshirts that you must add to any wardrobe this season which will enable you to stay on trend all year long.

Grey Sweatshirt

I’m just going to put it out there from the get go, many people underestimate the importance of a plain simple grey sweatshirt. Just because sweatshirts have the same feel of a hoodie does not mean that sweatshirts are just for sporting events or activities, this couldn’t be more far from the truth. Yes, sweatshirts originated for athletic occasions however thanks to creative fashion minds, sweatshirts have become increasingly versatile creating a number of looks for us fashion connoisseurs. For example, wearing a shirt underneath your sweatshirt can promote professionalism, wearing an overcoat on top of a sweatshirt will portray class. However, in today’s youth grey sweatshirts are predominately worn with matching jogger bottoms or paired with jeans. Having a simple grey sweatshirt means you can easily slip into your favourite pair of black or blue jeans and without having to put too much thought into it throw on your grey sweatshirt and just like that you’re ready to go. Perfect casualwear appearance for work, college, university or every day wear.

Black Sweatshirt

The most impressive thing about crew neck sweatshirts in general is that you can essentially throw them over anything and your good to go. Combine this versatility with the colour black and this is enhanced even further thanks to the colour black’s adaptability. Both style and colour working simultaneously to assist you in putting an outfit together with ease. A black sweatshirt will go with pretty much anything, that’s just a given which is why having one in your wardrobe is a must. Jeans, trousers, joggers, it simply does not matter. A black sweatshirt is one of the best companions for any other item of clothing. It really is a match made in heaven.

White Sweatshirt

So, taking a guess here I can pretty much guarantee that in your wardrobe right now you have a vast array of white t-shirts within it. My question to you now is why is this not the case regarding white sweatshirts? With white sweatshirts in particular it’s always best to experiment, what do I mean by this? Putting it simple I mean regarding branding and logo prints. Unlike black and grey sweatshirts, should a white sweatshirt have any form of print on it for branding or design purposes then the likely hood is that the contrasting colours will be much more apparent, this is the reason as to why we advise to experiment. Depending on the colour of the print itself found on your sweatshirt should it have any, then you may find that combining other parts of your outfit with similar colours compliment the sweatshirt more. Should it be a plain simple white sweatshirt then you will most likely find that pairing it with contrasting black or grey jeans and trousers will be far better suited keeping the outfit more monochrome.

Who’s Wearing It Well?

Sweatshirts for men are perfect for those days when we just want to look casual with minimal effort. Nothing beats a day in watching Netflix in a super comfortable oversized sweatshirt, jogger combination. Chet Johnson layers up his grey sweatshirt with matching joggers from his very own Faded collection. For what was once classed as a sporting appearance has now become a standard lazy day, loungewear outfit.

Joss Mooney on the other hand has gone for a more everyday appearance. Pairing his sweatshirt from Hera London with black jeans, creating an outfit that can be worn pretty much any day of the week, whatever the occasion. Nando’s with the lads, date night, even workwear attire for those lucky enough to be able to wear casual wear to work this kind of outfit is well suited for many of occasions.

Street Style

When putting together an outfit worthy of the streets there are a number of ways you can style a sweatshirt. You don’t need to stick to plain and simple that’s for sure. As we state in all the time, “Make Your Fashion Statement”. Should you decide to go for a bold printed sweatshirt, simply don’t stop there. Add a dash of colour with a jacket or accessories and complete your outfit with a pair of blue / black jeans and trainers. If your opting for a more skater appearance look to team a simple sweatshirt with grey ripped jeans, do not forget that shoes play a big part in finishing off your look so pair with some Vans to finalise the outfit. Denim can add a new level to any streetwear outfit. If you’re looking to add some edge to your appearance add a blue denim jacket over a black sweatshirt and pair with skinny jeans and white trainers.  

Dressing Up

When you think of sweatshirts you wouldn’t instantly link them to be a formal form of attire, however should you select the correct style of sweatshirt then there is considered to be a multitude of ways that you can put together smart and professional types of outfits for many occasions.

Are you sick of wearing suits on a daily basis to the office? I’m happy to inform you that there are other alternatives which include sweatshirts. One of these examples is to ditch your tie and trousers and instead compliment a white shirt with a grey sweatshirt and black jeans. Just like that, a professional outfit which will be much more comfortable for your working day. You can then decide if shoes, chelsea boots or white trainers would be better suited to compliment the outfit.


Heading to sink a few pints with the lads at the pub but not sure on what to wear? Even if you’re just heading out for any occasion casualwear and sweatshirts are the perfect combination. Sweatshirts are simply a quick fix as you can essentially throw one on for any occasion and still be on trend.

If your wanting to look effortless look to pair a crew neck sweatshirt with jeans and chelsea boots. Should you find yourself in a position that you fall in love with one particular sweatshirt, I can assure you that it will be hard not to find yourself trying to match it with everything and anything found in your wardrobe. If oversized is more your style and your looking to achieve a more smart casual look then again pair with your preferred pair of jeans and style with contrasting trainers.

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