How to Style Denim Shorts For Every Occasion This Summer

How To Style Denim Shorts

We are now on the brink of Summer, which means now is the time to stock up on a few decent pairs of denim jean shorts. Denim shorts are the perfect addition to your Summer wardrobe and can be dressed up or down for just about any occasion not to forget how practical and comfortable they are in the hot weather. However, you may be wondering how to style them or what colours go with what. So, we’ve created this guide to help you wear denim shorts in style.


Blue Denim Shorts

Are Denim Shorts In Style This Season and How Can I Get Them Right?

For many years, men’s denim shorts have been shunned and haven’t been so much of a popular trend. However, if you style them right, you can easily avoid looking like an 11 year old. According to FashionBeans, the key to wearing jean shorts is getting the length and fit right. Too long and you’re wearing pedal pushers, too short and you’re recreating a Playgirl cover from the 90’s. Go with a skinny fit how you’d wear your jeans, but of course not too skinny that you’re verging on inappropriate.

In terms of colours, most denim washes work as denim shorts as they do with regular jeans. You’ve got your simple black washes and range of blue tones for versatile and easy styling or you can venture out with sand and white shorts for a more Summery look. Most lads tend to keep it simple, however, to get the most wear out of their shorts. It’s essential to balance out the colours on the bottom and top too so you’re not clashing. Most colours of denim shorts are neutral and versatile so don’t be afraid to stray from your simple t-shirt and add some bold colours or patterns. However, if you opt for some more colourful denim shorts, it’s best to stick with a neutral top or shirt.

Holiday Styling

Denim shorts are an essential for a holiday; whether you’re on a lad’s one or away with your girlfriend as they’re so versatile for any occasion your holiday might throw at you. If you’re heading out and about during the day but still need to look stylish, you can easily style any pair of denim shorts with a vest to keep you cool. A Sinners Attire Script Vest is perfect as they come in a range of colours including bright orange and yellow. Match with Ripped & Repaired Denim Shorts and the Slydes Cali Sliders.

Dress up your look on an evening with our range of short and long sleeve shirts. If you’re aiming for a more smart and refined Summer look, we’d recommend opting for light coloured denim shorts and a jersey shirt to keep you cool such as the Gym King Grandad Jersey Shirt available in pink and khaki. This shirt is the ideal slim fit for Summer styling and the colours available are fresh and unique but still extremely versatile and easy to wear. 

 Beer Garden Styling

Okay, we get it you’re probably thinking ‘who cares about what I wear to a beer garden?’ but trust us, getting it right is crucial. You’re potentially going to be around 10/10’s so, of course, you’re going to want to look at least half decent. Depending on what kind of beer garden you’re going to, you can style denim shorts in different ways. For example, some in a town centre may be a bit more smart casual so opting for some denim shorts with a polo shirt may be a better option. However, if it’s just the local, you’ll probably get away with a simple tee and a cap.

Festival Styling

It’s definitely not Festival season without a funky top and some denim shorts paired with some stompers. You want to stay feeling cool (physically and metaphorically) whilst getting your rave on so denim shorts are the perfect pair of bottoms to do this. If you’re at a UK festival, it’s more than likely to rain and jeans can become uncomfortable when wet however cotton shorts are joggers aren’t exactly festival attire. So, some denim shorts are the perfect medium. You want to look as unique as possible at a Festival, however, try not to make any of these festival fashion faux pas outlined by GQ.

Another essential to match your festival look is, of course, a bag. Because where else will you safely stash all your Festival essentials? You can choose a backpack however most people find these too big so we’d recommend opting for a shoulder bag like one of the Gym King ones we have available in black and khaki. These are a perfect size for fitting everything you need in, and don’t get in the way either. They’re also a lot safer than a backpack.

Complete your Festival look with some detailed jewellery.

Double Denim

If you’re feeling ballsy, pair your denim shorts with a denim jacket. Double denim is an ideal way to show off your unique style however it’s essential to get it right. The biggest rule is to wear denim colour washes that compliment each other as this creates a nice contrast to your outfit or match denim shades exactly. Another must is to keep the rest of your outfit simple to avoid clashing. Finally, make sure your denim fits correctly as ill-fitted clothing could throw off the whole outfit.

Wearing double denim can take a bit of confidence, but if you make it work then it can be the perfect Summer outfit. This styling can also be worn for just about any occasion including holiday’s, evenings out or festivals. Just follow our tips and you’ll be able to pull it off every time.

How to Wear Denim Shorts

Style – Whether you prefer ripped or non-ripped, that’s completely up to you. Both styles are definitely in trend right now so you can get away with either.

Fit – Ensure your denim shorts are slightly above the knee. Too short and they can be uncomfortable for everyone involved, and longer than the knee is a complete no-go.

Colour  Blue and black are the easiest colours to match to the rest of your outfit. White is also a popular option for the Summer.

Outfit  Completely depends on the occasion. Most garments go with denim shorts whether that’s a plain tee or an exotic shirt.

Shoes – If you’re on holiday, sliders are a great and easy option as they’re comfortable. If you plan on doing a lot of walking (or dancing) then trainers are best.



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