Here’s What Your Wardrobe Says About You

While fashion is obviously crucial to many of us, the psychology behind it has started attracting academic attention only relatively recently. Hence, your wardrobe could now be presenting a fairly well-rounded picture of your personality – without you even realising it.
Here are just a few examples of how what you wear – and also what you leave in the wardrobe – could be giving away particular aspects of your personality. 
T-Shirts Hanging on a Rail

So much choice, but so little of it good

Have you reached a point where you often open your wardrobe to see plenty of clothes, but nothing that powerfully draws your eye? This reoccurring situation might have resulted from a long-enduring tendency for you to just buy clothes whenever you see some that you like.
Dr. Carolyn Mair, an expert in the psychology of fashion, revealed to Who What Wear: “Although this person really enjoys shopping, they don’t make wise shopping choices, so their wardrobe lacks coordination.” You might often buy more than you need and have difficulty making decisions.

You leave items on the wardrobe floor

While your wardrobe might have plenty of suitable hangers for your clothing, you might be in the habit of simply throwing clothes onto the bottom of that wardrobe once you have finished using them. Such behaviour “suggests a rather disorganised approach”, says Mair.
Furthermore, you likely don’t just leave such disorganisation to the way that you handle clothes. For example, you might often be late for appointments because you can’t find crucial items or information that you need for those meet-ups.
Mair explains: “This person is quite likely to perceive themselves as very busy; however, if they were more organised, they’d have more time for other potentially more interesting or important tasks.”
Sinners Attire Clothing

You often keep clothes in their original packaging

According to Mair, if the above indeed describes you, then you are organised and look after your possessions – including your clothing – in an effort to keep them looking immaculate.
Mair adds: “For this person, the buying experience is important and the original packaging can help recall the positive emotion experienced on buying the much-wanted item.”

You wear particular colours more often than others

What colours do you tend to choose for your clothing? Parts of your personality can be revealed when you opt to use or avoid particular colours – even if you lack conscious awareness of what certain colours symbolise. Your subconscious will still know, as explained on the HuffPost site.
If you enjoy closely adhering to a punk or Goth style, you might be particularly fond of wearing black. You might also consider yourself powerful, sophisticated and authoritative, as these are all qualities symbolised by black. The colour can indicate an extreme, “all or nothing” approach.
Consider yourself a peaceful and positive person? Then you may particularly like wearing blue, a soothing colour. Meanwhile, red clothes can reflect empowerment and confidence. You could keep such revealing information in mind when perusing clothes that we offer here at Seek Attire.

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