Clothing Essentials to Pack for Your Lads’ Holiday Away

When preparing for a holiday, you could often be guilty of packing too much. To be fair, it can be easy to fall into that trap – and it’s largely because of constant “what ifs” floating around your head. You might be so cautious that you are eager to prepare for every possibility.

However, if it’s a lads’ holiday for which you are preparing, keep in mind that “cautious” probably doesn’t describe much of what you will end up doing! So, what attire would be vital for you to pack?

Cover yourself with glory…ous clothes

As TV presenter Rick Edwards makes clear in an article for The Guardian, it’s possible to narrow the range of available attire down to “the absolute minimum clothing requirements for a gentlemen’s two-week vacation”. Even if your getaway isn’t set to last quite as long as that, you could still be inspired by Rick’s choices, which include a soft shirt and a pair of black jeans.

The shirt is worthwhile for its versatility; you could roll up its sleeves during warmer climates and, should you feel a chill in the evening, button that shirt up. The black jeans can serve a dual purpose, too. Yes, you might initially assume jeans to be casual; however, to casual observers at a distance, those jeans could instead look similar to smart tailored trousers.

It would also be a good idea to pack two vests: one white, the other coloured. You could then alternate these to give other holidaymakers the impression that you have more vests than you actually do. You could complement all of the above attire with some white sliders, which would save you the inconvenience of having to even tie them. Well, you’re supposed to be on a break…

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Life’s a beach – and then you get in the water

What if you will be heading to a coastal setting where you expect to enjoy often being in the water? Obviously, you will need your swimming shorts – and, unlike what you might initially think, you really only need one pair. Yes, you might like the idea of taking a couple of pairs to let yourself wear one while waiting for the other to dry. However, you could simply dry shorts with your hotel hairdryer.

For a beach trip, other clothing items which The Telegraph advises you to pack include sunglasses and sliders. Of course, you will be wearing relatively little while in the water – and, even on occasions when you are out of that water and in more standard attire, you could still secretly go commando on many days. It could make you feel suitably racy.

Anything else you need?

We haven’t had space in this article to touch on all of the clothing essentials for a getaway with your mates. For example, Men’s Health also recommends that you take some t-shirts and a sweatshirt. Fortunately, we aren’t short of either t-shirts or sweatshirts in our stock here at Seek Attire.

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