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Welcome to our New Website!

It’s finally here! Our new website is finally live and we hope you’re enjoying the look of it so far. It’s taken months of careful planning and developing to get this perfect the way we wanted it and we really couldn’t be happier with it. We thought we’d write up this blog post to outline some of the new amazing features. Home Page Advanced Search Bar – You can now search for items, brands, blogs, categories and more, and an easy to use drop-down menu will appear so you don’t... Read More

SEEK Attire Owner Scott Mcalpine with Girlfriend and Colleague Jordan Dakota Nixon 20/03/2018

Q&A with SEEK Founder, Scott McAlpine

We caught up with the Founder and Managing Directory of SEEK Attire, Scott Mcalpine, to discuss the inspiration and hard work behind SEEK, what the company is all about and what’s next for the e-retail powerhouse.   How did you get your idea or concept for the business? “After working for an e-commerce fashion retailer at the start of my career, I learnt the basics of running an online store. At the time I believed it was how a fashion retailer was to be ran and thought nothing of the... Read More