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Gym King Core Plus Essentials Your New Year Body Deserves

The new core plus range from Gym King is your perfect training partner. 2019 is now well underway, which means us lads need to get a couple of things together in preparation for the summer ahead. First of all, we all need to get our head together and get that gym membership purchased and focus on the long-term goal. Yes, it’s going to be a nightmare getting back into a fitness routine of gym’ing it most days, but do you really want to be out of shape for your summer... Read More

Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Static 13/09/2018

Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Static” Release Date

Last month the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Static” was officially revealed, we now have a closer look courtesy of Instagram giants @YeezyMafia who uploaded close up images showcasing the trainers tonal white upper and transparent side stripe. In my opinion, the “Static” is most definitely Kayne West’s most unusual design to date! It’s clearly a bold leap from your more conventional “SLPY-350”. This particular Yeezy has an industrial-inspired upper. Perhaps this is Kayne giving his close friend Virgil Abloh a nod who has also put together an array of deconstructed... Read More


How to Wear A Denim Jacket

There is more than likely some science behind why the denim jacket is consistently stylish and endlessly wearable each season, so the question is ‘how should it be styled?‘ Although the denim jacket can be chopped and changed season after season, the truth of the matter is that it never falls out of favour in men’s fashion, realistically will it ever? By default, the denim jacket almost always appears in every man’s wardrobe as a result of it suiting just about everyone’s individual style. It enables us lads to make... Read More

Nike Air Max 270 Ashen Slate 08/08/2018

Nike Modifies the Air Max 270 | “Ashen Slate” Colour Way

Back towards the end of 2017 Nike brought the Air Max 270 to market. Since the initial launch, Nike have been extremely busy producing a number of colourways and reworking the textiles used for the Air Max 270 silhouette. In late July Nike released the “Ashen Slate” edition which sees a mixture of greys sitting beside both black and white accents. The pair will cost you £114.95 here in the UK via the website but compared to alternative Nike releases like the Air Max Ultra 97’s or the Nike... Read More

Men's Grooming Mistakes 03/08/2018

5 Men’s Grooming Mistakes You (Most Likely) Don’t Know You’re Making

Clutching for life beneath your skin is your younger, fresh-faced self that you once were. Let’s face it, lads, looking your best on a daily basis this day and age isn’t easy. No doubtingly over the years your skin has taken a hit thanks to the likes of ageing, stress, pollution and grooming mishaps. Fortunately, there is a way, to some extent, to reverse the above and enable you to feel younger and fresher than usual. You’re Not Moisturising Before Bed Let’s face it (no pun intended), this error is... Read More

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Butter 11/07/2018

How to Style The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Butter

    It’s that time of the year once again, Yeezy season is here! Summer & Yeezy; has there ever been such an iconic well-partnered combination as good as this? To start this mad, mad hype season off, Adidas have just dropped the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Butter at the end of last month. This Yeezy trainer was revealed a few months back in February 2018. The sneaker showcases a primeknit upper to the trainer and sits on top of a uniquely shaped midsole which houses a bed of Boost for additional comfort, you don’t need to compromise on style... Read More

What To Pack For a Lads Holiday 15/05/2018

Clothing Essentials to Pack for Your Lads’ Holiday Away

When preparing for a holiday, you could often be guilty of packing too much. To be fair, it can be easy to fall into that trap – and it’s largely because of constant “what ifs” floating around your head. You might be so cautious that you are eager to prepare for every possibility. However, if it’s a lads’ holiday for which you are preparing, keep in mind that “cautious” probably doesn’t describe much of what you will end up doing! So, what attire would be vital for you to pack?... Read More


Gym Clothes for Men: The Ultimate Kit

If one of the goals you set yourself at the start of the year was to get fitter, you probably signed up for a gym membership long ago and have returned to that gym on regular occasions. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have all of the relevant equipment for getting good results there. No, we aren’t strictly just referring to bulking up those biceps – we also mean making sure that your gym sessions are enjoyable and comfortable. Habitually keep the following in your gym bag… T-shirts It... Read More

Sinners Attire Retro Styling 09/04/2018

Here’s What Your Wardrobe Says About You

While fashion is obviously crucial to many of us, the psychology behind it has started attracting academic attention only relatively recently. Hence, your wardrobe could now be presenting a fairly well-rounded picture of your personality – without you even realising it. Here are just a few examples of how what you wear – and also what you leave in the wardrobe – could be giving away particular aspects of your personality.  So much choice, but so little of it good Have you reached a point where you often open your... Read More

Good For Nothing Hand Written T-Shirt Yellow 04/04/2018

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

While women might seem to outdo us when it comes to thinking about body shape, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carefully consider this factor when trying to decide exactly what to wear. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to agonise over your choice, as men’s bodies tend to vary less than those of the curvier sex. Here are a few examples of common male body types and tips for how you should aim to dress if your own body falls into any of these categories. Is your body shaped like a... Read More