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What To Pack For a Lads Holiday 15/05/2018

Clothing Essentials to Pack for Your Lads’ Holiday Away

When preparing for a holiday, you could often be guilty of packing too much. To be fair, it can be easy to fall into that trap – and it’s largely because of constant “what ifs” floating around your head. You might be so cautious that you are eager to prepare for every possibility. However, if it’s a lads’ holiday for which you are preparing, keep in mind that “cautious” probably doesn’t describe much of what you will end up doing! So, what attire would be vital for you to pack?... Read More


Gym Clothes for Men: The Ultimate Kit

If one of the goals you set yourself at the start of the year was to get fitter, you probably signed up for a gym membership long ago and have returned to that gym on regular occasions. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have all of the relevant equipment for getting good results there. No, we aren’t strictly just referring to bulking up those biceps – we also mean making sure that your gym sessions are enjoyable and comfortable. Habitually keep the following in your gym bag… T-shirts It... Read More

Gym King SS18 Video Campaign Swim Shorts - Alex Cannon and Ty Clarke 02/05/2018

Gym King SS18

Gym King SS18 is now in full swing with drops landing frequently here at SEEK Attire. Owner, Jay and the Gym King team ventured off to Portugal into a luxury villa to shoot the spring/summer 2018 men and women’s campaign. The campaign features new tracksuits, t-shirts, swim shorts and more in a mix of colourways from pastels to bright bolds, which were modeled by Alex Bowen, Alex Cannon, and Ty Clarke. There were also sneak previews of Jay’s new premium footwear range, Loyalti Footwear launching later in the year. Take a... Read More


Welcome to our New Website!

It’s finally here! Our new website is finally live and we hope you’re enjoying the look of it so far. It’s taken months of careful planning and developing to get this perfect the way we wanted it and we really couldn’t be happier with it. We thought we’d write up this blog post to outline some of the new amazing features. Home Page Advanced Search Bar – You can now search for items, brands, blogs, categories and more, and an easy to use drop-down menu will appear so you don’t... Read More

Sinners Attire Retro Styling 09/04/2018

Here’s What Your Wardrobe Says About You

While fashion is obviously crucial to many of us, the psychology behind it has started attracting academic attention only relatively recently. Hence, your wardrobe could now be presenting a fairly well-rounded picture of your personality – without you even realising it. Here are just a few examples of how what you wear – and also what you leave in the wardrobe – could be giving away particular aspects of your personality.  So much choice, but so little of it good Have you reached a point where you often open your... Read More

Good For Nothing Hand Written T-Shirt Yellow 04/04/2018

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

While women might seem to outdo us when it comes to thinking about body shape, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carefully consider this factor when trying to decide exactly what to wear. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to agonise over your choice, as men’s bodies tend to vary less than those of the curvier sex. Here are a few examples of common male body types and tips for how you should aim to dress if your own body falls into any of these categories. Is your body shaped like a... Read More

Fresh Couture Logo Sweatshirt Black 31/03/2018

The Fashion Trends We’re Looking Forward To This Spring

“Trends”? Hang on a minute, do we actually follow trends? Yes, it’d be fair to say that we don’t tend to swap our styles quite as often as women; however, there are still particular habits which we anticipate fashion-conscious men eagerly picking up during spring 2018. We’ve already been given a good idea of what to expect, thanks to the broad array of fashion shows that have taken the world of male fashion into strong account. We are particularly excited about… The Eighties revival Yes, it’s okay to get out... Read More

SEEK Attire Owner Scott Mcalpine with Girlfriend and Colleague Jordan Dakota Nixon 20/03/2018

Q&A with SEEK Founder, Scott McAlpine

We caught up with the Founder and Managing Directory of SEEK Attire, Scott Mcalpine, to discuss the inspiration and hard work behind SEEK, what the company is all about and what’s next for the e-retail powerhouse.   How did you get your idea or concept for the business? “After working for an e-commerce fashion retailer at the start of my career, I learnt the basics of running an online store. At the time I believed it was how a fashion retailer was to be ran and thought nothing of the... Read More

Sinners Attire Poly Tracksuit Camo 27/02/2018

Sinners Attire SS18 Live Now

 Sinners Attire have raised the bar with their recent SS18 campaign. Featuring a range of new tracksuits, hoodies, joggers, t-shirts, jumpers and more, this collection is a one to grab quickly as it won’t be here for long. Formerly known as Ibiza Sinners, Sinners Attire are the kings of Spring and Summer Menswear and have brought out some killer holiday and beachwear pieces in previous collections which is why we’re so hyped about this drop. The collection boasts an array of bold colourways, perfect for transitioning into warmer weather. Sinners... Read More

Rose London Kai T-Shirt - Taping Trend SS18 26/02/2018

Taping | The Biggest Trend of SS18

Without a doubt, taping is one of the hugest trends of SS18 with the element being incorporated into a number of garments from T-shirts and Jackets, to Joggers and Jeans. As seen on the catwalk as well as streetwear and high-end brands, this trend is all over the shops and online, making it very hard to miss. We expect the taping trend to become a vital piece in every man’s wardrobe this season. Streetwear brands everywhere have picked up on this trend including Good For Nothing, 304 Clothing, Gym King... Read More