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Essential Twin Sets For Summer

Twin sets have slowly emerged into the SS fashion scene over the past few years with them being almost an essential for holiday attire. A twin set bridges the gap between style and comfort as well as being the perfect way to look effortlessly cool. The most popular combos are either a longline t-shirt with shorts or a sleeveless t-shirt/vest with shorts in matching colours. These sets are ideal for a hot Summer day and are super lightweight to keep you cool and comfortable. Another great thing about twin sets... Read More

Gym Bag 19/06/2018

Why Does What You Wear at the Gym Really Matter?

When you head off to the gym, your first thoughts could understandably be on working out, not impressing onlookers with your sense of style. For this reason, as you prepare to leave the house, you might think nothing of putting a worn and stained old t-shirt into your gym bag. However, there are good reasons to be much more careful than this when you select your gym attire – whether you want to simply shape up or impress potentially your future other half… Attire that likes the way you move... Read More


How to Style Denim Shorts For Every Occasion This Summer

We are now on the brink of Summer, which means now is the time to stock up on a few decent pairs of denim jean shorts. Denim shorts are the perfect addition to your Summer wardrobe and can be dressed up or down for just about any occasion not to forget how practical and comfortable they are in the hot weather. However, you may be wondering how to style them or what colours go with what. So, we’ve created this guide to help you wear denim shorts in style.  ... Read More


5 Wardrobe Essentials For Those Who Want To Get Fit This Year

At the start of the year, you might have set a New Year’s resolution to get yourself into better physical shape. Whether or not your efforts towards meeting this resolution have been going well so far, you might have underestimated the extent to which your gym wardrobe could have been a factor. It’s not just about ticking a few rudimentary boxes; it’s about buying clothes that are stylish, easy to carry to and from a gym and – of course – comfortable and practical to wear during workouts. T-shirt Given... Read More


How to Boost Your Body Confidence

If you often feel sad when you catch sight of your body in the mirror, rest assured that you are not alone. Increasing numbers of men have developed worries about their bodies not looking the “right” way – a situation not helped by the prevalence of muscular men on magazine covers and in selfies.  According to research published in 2012 and mentioned by MSN, men would be willing to lose a year for the ideal body – but you don’t need to go to extreme lengths to improve your body... Read More

Father's Day Gift Guide 2018 05/06/2018

The Father’s Day Gift Guide 2018

Father’s Day falls on Sunday 17th June this year and you’re probably sat thinking ‘what should I buy for him?’ and of course you’ll probably leave it until the last minute (like everyone does). Father’s Day shopping can be difficult and you usually end up buying something a bit rubbish like a mug. So, we’ve compiled The 2018 Father’s Day Gift Guide to help you pick out a few different bits which you might not have thought of. From evening shirts to coffee makers, we’ve collated our top 11 picks to buy this Father’s... Read More

What To Pack For a Lads Holiday 15/05/2018

Clothing Essentials to Pack for Your Lads’ Holiday Away

When preparing for a holiday, you could often be guilty of packing too much. To be fair, it can be easy to fall into that trap – and it’s largely because of constant “what ifs” floating around your head. You might be so cautious that you are eager to prepare for every possibility. However, if it’s a lads’ holiday for which you are preparing, keep in mind that “cautious” probably doesn’t describe much of what you will end up doing! So, what attire would be vital for you to pack?... Read More


Gym Clothes for Men: The Ultimate Kit

If one of the goals you set yourself at the start of the year was to get fitter, you probably signed up for a gym membership long ago and have returned to that gym on regular occasions. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have all of the relevant equipment for getting good results there. No, we aren’t strictly just referring to bulking up those biceps – we also mean making sure that your gym sessions are enjoyable and comfortable. Habitually keep the following in your gym bag… T-shirts It... Read More

Gym King SS18 Video Campaign Swim Shorts - Alex Cannon and Ty Clarke 02/05/2018

Gym King SS18

Gym King SS18 is now in full swing with drops landing frequently here at SEEK Attire. Owner, Jay and the Gym King team ventured off to Portugal into a luxury villa to shoot the spring/summer 2018 men and women’s campaign. The campaign features new tracksuits, t-shirts, swim shorts and more in a mix of colourways from pastels to bright bolds, which were modeled by Alex Bowen, Alex Cannon, and Ty Clarke. There were also sneak previews of Jay’s new premium footwear range, Loyalti Footwear launching later in the year. Take a... Read More


Welcome to our New Website!

It’s finally here! Our new website is finally live and we hope you’re enjoying the look of it so far. It’s taken months of careful planning and developing to get this perfect the way we wanted it and we really couldn’t be happier with it. We thought we’d write up this blog post to outline some of the new amazing features. Home Page Advanced Search Bar – You can now search for items, brands, blogs, categories and more, and an easy to use drop-down menu will appear so you don’t... Read More